1. Where were You

From the recording 2020

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5th track on Donald Bouyear album 2020
Hardrock written, performed and recorded by Donald Bouyear
Rock in style


Sweet child of mine I love you so.

I’m so tired of waiting here. Suppressed by all my childhood fears.
And Where were you, when I hid from your view?
Words don’t help me with the pain. When I fall I lost my way.
And where were you the day the day I fell, Where were you.
When you cried, I wiped your tears, you skinned your knees, I was there.
Where, where were you, the day I cried, where were you.
Captivated by your light, your voice still hurts me in the night.
And where were you, when I shined so bright?
Where were you that lonely night.
So alone, all this time, I can’t believe that you’re really gone.

I love you so, I miss you now
I love you so, I miss you now.

Where were you, Where were you

I raised my time, I’m coming through.
I made my way just to get on through
Just to see my love, she’s coming through
I need her fix, Where are you now.

I just seen the morning news, the story of how the mountain blew.
And where were you, when the mountain blew.
A man just saved a family from a fire, an untold story from where you are
And where were you, when the fire grew.
Your father just hit the lottery, you’ve been gone for so very long,
And here, And here you are, you’re back again, say hello dad.
My son? Hello Dad