1. Lu Lue Blues

From the recording The End of Cake

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Slow Blues song written, performed and recorded by Don Bouyear for the album The End of Cake.


I used to travel the country, rock and roll in my soul.
Didn’t I tell ya, did I tell ya,
A wild night in Atlanta, where I meet the lovely Lue lu
Her name was Lue Lu what was I supposed to do.

I met her in Atlanta Georgia, She was a Georgia Peach
O god ya, she was good. Well I took her out for breakfast
After a long night of eating pie.
Well I just got home from Georgia, her peach pie still on my mind.
O I would love another piece of pie. It was great it was creamy.

Ah Yay, my Georgia peach, she made me full.
I quite the band because I could not get enough of her peach pie.
O it was good, It was creamy good.

Well I’ve been driving around the country, rock and roll with the boys.
We Stopped down in Georgia, where I met the crazy Lue Lu,
O my God, Well Lue Lu was a Georgia peach and she had some very good pie.
O my god it was good, I had to give it up.

Well I quite the band, I moved her in she made my life complete.
She was the perfect lover, man she could take me down to my knees.
Yah for Lue Lu, O baby what you gone to do.
Well Lue lu was a front and what do I see, another guy eating my pie
O you mighty good pie, Lue Lu, I got the Lue lu blues.