From the recording The End of Cake

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My first song creation using Pro Tools 12. All songs before this one were recorded using Cakewalk Sonar.
Hard rock song


I like your eyes, I love your smile.
You Make me laugh there is no denial.
As for my love, anything for you
Just call my name, I’m here for you

I never met, A woman so Strong
Like a hurricane, your will well be done
I would walk my love, 5000 miles
To reach you, and get that smile

(Chorus )
Why is it always the same
All my love, just flowing on down that drain
Why am I screaming out your name
The Fire, keeps burning in me

You Should know, what you done to me
I go round, like a broken wheel
I long for you, right by my side
For many dark and tragic nights
Your not here, your through with me
I know out love, will never be
Now I live with so much pain
would give my all, to get you back again


So I love you babe, the fire never dies
I keep living for the day, you came before my eyes