From the recording The End of Cake

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A progressive rock waltz.


I woke from my slumber all dazed and confused, I knew not where I was or how I got here.
Awash in the spectra of ultraviolet lights. The realization that things just aren’t quit right.

A door flies open, somethings coming through. I want to run but I’m held here secured. O god I’m really screwed.

The light, the light, I can’t see no light. Awash in the spectrum of ultraviolet light. A realization that things just aren’t right.

And just when I think I’m going to break down, I hear the voice in my head playing forgotten songs.
Lost and lonely, far from my home, I’m trying to get back to where I belong, but I’m wishing and hoping, I’m really scared. I just heard the voice saying, Wake up! Screaming Wake up!

I wake up from my slumber, Is it my head? Where am I, can I be dead? Wake up! I said wake up. Wake up! In my bed? Wake up!