1. Asylum Inmate

From the recording Scrambled Street Eggs

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Hard Rock song about mental illness


(Pre Intro) A new day’s upon me, A shard of light cracks my eyesI wish to awake with gladness, but still the madness is in my mind.

(Intro) It’s awfully quit
Lady’s and Gentleman

Take your trip with me, to the world that I be
Its were I get high, It’s the world that I create
Come inside with me, Swimming in my mentality,

(Verse 1) Hey, “Move Closer” Don’t you understand, I wasn’t wanted no more. So I made my stand.
Yes I took all the lives, for what they done to me. Shouldn’t of hurt my feelings, now they put me away. I don’t want to go back.

(Chorus) Attention, They say I’m crazy, You think I’m crazy?
Attention, Were all crazy, Were all crazy

(verse 2) I’ve got skin, made of stone
Super human strength, as tough as can be, no one had better miss with me
For in my world, I am a god, my mind can make me any one.
So don’t you prey, for my well being, my minds fixed it, can’t you see.

(Chorus) Attention, were all crazy, I said were crazy
Attention, were bloody crazy, I’m crazy

(Bridge to solo) Go
Your soul is mine (Guitar Solo)
(Chorus) Attention, were all crazy, I said were crazy
Attention, were fucking crazy, A lot crazy

(Verse 3) I’m not human
Look at me, I am free, my feelings have all just left me.
No more hurt, not for me, I am not of this earth,
Look at human’s, their so fragile, I don’t want to be hurt.

(Bridge) And there I was again, lost in thoughts with out you.
My mind has turned so incomplete. My mind has left my body.
Please help me god, for I feel forgotten.
Theirs nothing left for me, Theirs nothing left for me.
Theirs nothing left for me, Nothing

(Verse 4) Well hey,
You don’t understand, my conditions caused by you
So what you gonna do, when I come blaming you
You, you, you, you