From the recording Scrambled Street Eggs

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Rock song


What you mean your happy
Who do you think you are?
Your million-dollar house & you’re European car
What makes you so special,
What makes you a star
You seem to have it good
What is taking you so far

(pre chorus)
Do you see I’m watching you
I can’t believe what you put yourself through
The world goes on that’s nothing new
Just setting around like there’s nothing to do.

Do you see me, I’m rocking you
Do you see me, I’m Rocking you
Do you see me, I’m Rocking you
Do you feel me, I’m Rocking you

What is so nice
I’m sitting like a nerd
There so much I could do
The respect I could earn
Tell me what it is
I really want to know
All I need is water & A nice big field to grow

Pre chorus & Chorus / Solo

Ya I know you got things on your mind
Are you keeping it in or are you falling behind
All this talk you wish your pockets were lined
You think yor so dignified you step right our of the grind

Pre Chorus & Chorus