1. Killing Time

From the recording Feelings from the Past

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Progressive rock song about Time.


Tick, tick, tick, clock ticking away from me, Ticking towards a new day, It just keeps marching on, when did it start, Can it be taken apart, it just keeps marching on to Infinity.
Changing tempo's. adding measures that stray. Twisting rhythms, adding rests and stops, taking it all apart. It just keeps marching on to infinity.
The Duration of our existence, the past present and future. A period to end all periods, A system of method of measurement. The passing of time. The moment something occurs, to do time, we had a good time, time is honored.
Taking away you see, Taking away the day, It continues on and on. Time is restlessly ticking away from we. It keeps marching on, never knowing wrong.
I just want it to pause, o why wont it stop. It just marches along. Never knowing wrong
Changing tempo may, adding measures that stray. Its all rhythmic that way. Adding rests and stops, taking it all apart. It goes on and on to infinity. Time marches on and on.