1. Niem

From the recording Feelings from the Past

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Progressive rock style song. Fatima Ismail assisted with some back up vocals and inspiration for this song.


Niem was a man from Jordan, He lived in a holy world. He worked real hard praying to Muhammad, hoping to enter his world.
Then 1 day he was called to war, to fight for his religion, many battles won many battles lost, no side could win this war.

O Karon, help me speak to Mohammad, help me end this long terror, all hope seems lost.

War has stopped, he takes a boat. Heads to south America. Then 1 day he meets a Brazilian girl, Maria Alvazido, He marries her their life begins, then comes Fatima and Sameera, Life is hard the money short this life in South America.

O Karon, help me speak to Mohammad, my home is gone, and the people speak in foreign tongues, my hope all seems gone.

We’ll leave today, well start a new, well head to North America, well see the states, it well be great, well have a boy or 2.

It matters, It Matters,

They buy a house, in Portland Or. They try and start anew. Niem and Amera are the boys 2. Life is hard and still nothing new. Well, say a prayer it well see us through. Mohammad save us from this wretched land.

He’s the sheik of the golden sands

O Karon, help me to speak to Mohammad, you know I’m feeling stranded on this strange earth, to make amends, please help my family, for they no not what they do. Pry their eyes open, to see the way to you.
He’s, my dad.

Niem was a man from Jordan, he believed in the holy world. He worked real hard praying to Mohammad, hopping to enter his world.
Niem, the sheik of the golden sands,
That Matters
In the end, he died a lonely man, Mohammad his only savior. We wish him peace and happiness, in the here and after.

The sheik of the golden sands.