1. Hang Man

From the recording Feelings from the Past

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Dark Hard rock song similar in style to Black Sabbath.


Sounds like Smits fixing to have a little party this morning.
Party? A Hanging party!
Those are 200 pound sack’s he’s dropping.
Got to make sure those rops hold up. Always use’s top grade help smit does.
Oil’s it up so it slide’s real good.
Fine Artist at his trade smit is.
The Bastard

They’re taking me to the Gallows
to swing by the hangman’s twine.
I just had my last meal
and my last bottle of wine.
I know I didn't do it
but some one has to pay.
I guess I'll go through it,
we all got to die some day.
"Chorus" Well Hang Man I hear you coming I said Hang Man I hear you coming
I think I had a dream That this came down before I felt the snap of my neck and fell through the floor Rats with human faces licked my blood from the ground I tried to scream but could not make a sound.
Bridge: Well you all bow you’re heads for one final prayer. May god have Mersey on his poor soul as he has for all the faithfull departed. Ahmen Scream
The Reverend wearing black came to save me from my sins He said some have to lose and some just have to win I said thank you Mr. Reverend Thank you very well All my friends and relatives have all gone on to hell.