From the recording The Phantom Itch

Hard rock song about the government. This song is a live take with Paul Wilcox on drums and Don Bouyear on bass. The guitars, keys and vocals were added after out little jam session.


Life is gray and black and Im tired of being held back
Where just trying to survive
Their just taking it, taking all of it, Tell there nothing left to hide

Were just trying to survive
Theres no taking our pride

Brain washing all of us, into worshiping us
Its the great you ass of A
Its a great machine, using up everything
In the name of you and I


Tax our gas,
Tax our food
Tax our streets
Tax our homes
Is there anything left
Well tax that too
Tax the air we all breath,
You wana breath dont you
Will tax that too.

Take some more, claim to feed the poor
Theres no need for middle class.
Feed your army so they will all be sorry
Its the only way to keep the cash.


Would the founding fathers be happy with us today?
I think they would not.

This is no what they wanted!
Do you feel free?
How about your children?
It doesn't feel like they have a future.