From the recording The Phantom Itch

Another live jam with Paul Wilcox on drums and Don Bouyear on bass. Added guitars and vocals to the improvisation to turn it into a song.


My life’s blossoming from you
There’s nothing greater that spending my time with you
If there’s ever any reason to be down
You just turn my frown into a smile

We’ve waited all our lives for you
You’re the reason 2 can be as 1
We are united the 3 of us today
3 is not a crowd when were all the same

I just need to get up to sing and dance
Take advantage of our live that goes so fast
We may never get to be this happy again
Lets just take this moment and make it last

You have grown so much older
we cant believe Your love has grown so strong to lead to this wedding eve.

We are so proud of you to make it to this day
All this love can only make us stronger.
These are the happiest days.