From the recording The Phantom Itch

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Hard rock song about the story of Jesus Christ


Look to the sky, Do you see what I see? Its a spark of light in a full moon of darkness. A feeling of gladness begins to shake my madness. A hope of ending all despair.
(Chorus) O no, look what theyve done to Jesus. O Woe, he still fighting off the darkness. O no, look at all this madness. O ya, hes the savior
Feel the blow of all mighty Rome. They give him a crown of prickly thorns. Tacking him high to crucify him. To show the people who rule.
Forgive them father for they no not what they do
(Guitar solo)
Ya, look to the eyes of all your false prophets. Theres a feeling of cold like a heart beat of stone. Theres only one who can truly lead us. Hes the one that has forgiven all mans woes.