1. Blood Sucker

From the recording The Phantom Itch

Hard rock about vampires. This song also started out as a live track with Paul Wilcox on drums and John Grandboise on bass. I rerecorded the bass line and wrote the lyrics afterwards. John came up with the structure for this song.


Murdered are the children that run through my night.
I control each one of them in my frightful sight.
Man Woman son or daughter it matters not.
I live off the souls of others its my right.
Dark forbidden memories call up my past.
There is no love for me it has been my staff.

In your final moments I take my satisfaction
You pray to me you release Ha Ha.

Running hiding everywhere my pleasures in the chase
I take satisfaction-spilling blood through my teeth.
Sneaking up on lonely souls that beg my release.
I strike out at them and take their final memories.
The horror that fills my dreams leads to a great big grin.
I cannot help myself from taking pleasure in my sin.


Think about this Slay them,
kill them,
Ill eat their blood.
Drinking blood every night is how I live in life.
Its not personnel its how I survive.

With my Army I cannot go wrong.
My solders follow me.
Taking from them all their souls
Drinking up all their souls.
Im eating all their souls.
Im devouring all their souls.
There all for me.
Eating up all their souls, Eating up all their souls, Ha Ha Im full.

Waking all my children after my gresly feast.
They now have infinity to live alone with me.
They will know no right or wrong
They only feed on human disease
My army grows so strong, It just cant be wrong.
Now all you humans who have been on earth to long
The human over population is why I belong.