1. Power of Music

From the recording Covid Lock Down

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80s style hard rock


Ha, Ha, Ha

I’ve been sitting in this room for 8 hours now.
Making the songs for you to enjoy and how.
Singings rough playing music all day and all night. Will you know what you’re listening for.
Girl I got to stay in this music fight.

We got the music, you got time, bring me any words, I will make them rhyme. We got the power to delight you. We won’t ever, ever try to fight you.


Have you seen, all the machines, Making music today? Making me want to love you. All the music and the power can’t stop you. I know how to amuse you, you, you you, you you.

In and out of the studios, All the crowds, I can’t find the time. For myself can’t find a woman, on the road, what can I do.